Heavy South of Limburg

The heavy section is for the well trained gravel rider. Technically these are just medium tracks but much longer and more climbing in total, though some parts might contain some downhills that require a bit more skilled rider and can sometimes be very rocky roads. But I ride them my self with my Kona Rove NRB DL with 47mm tires and my girlfriend rides with 42mm tires.

Some routes have warnings in the description, please don’t take them lightly and be prepared.

Noorbeek - Vijlen - Gulpen

Heavy gravel ride with many climbs along the Belgium border
98km 1200hm

Gabes Gravel & Grill 2020 Summer edition

Heavy ride with great views and lunch at Hijgend Hert
94km - 1200hm

Fixed Gear Goes Gravel - by Gabrie

This route was specially created for Fixed Gear Coffee in Valkenburg
85KM - 1000HM

Maastricht - Aachen - Eifel

From Maastricht all the way to the Eifel and back
162km - 1950hm

Sint Geertruid - Banneux

Van Sint Geertruid over de waalse gravel naar banneux
92km - 1400hm
mesch vijlen voerstreek

Mesch - Vijlen - Voerstreek

Vanuit Cafe 't Piepke door z-limburg en de voerstreek
82km - 1200hm

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Gravel Baneux

Sint Geertruid – Banneux

Gast gravelaar Rob Janssen presenteert u de volgende route De rit naar het Mariabedevaarsoord Banneux vanuit Maastricht / Zuid-Limburg is een klassieker onder wielertoeristen. Naast

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