Easy Peasy South of Limburg

Beautiful gravel routes in the south of Limburg (NL). These routes offer the finest of gravel and easy climbs or descents. In the south of Limburg, gravel is a bit more rough and descents often have grooves created by the rainwater streaming downhill. This makes it difficult to create easy routes, but with this collection I think I created a set of routes that are well suited for the gravel rider who seeks an easy, non-technical route.

Please let me know what you thought of the route and were it can be improved.


Wijnandsrade - Schimmert - 47km - 340hm

Not the usual South Limburg environment. We're heading for the region north of Valkenburg. This area between Wijnandsrade and Schimmert has long straight gravel road between the fields
47km - 430hm

Valkenburg - Gulpen - Banholt - 40km - 300hm

My best effort at creating a flat gravel ride in the beautiful South, but even this ride does have a real climb in it. Nevertheless this ride is almost flat and very suited for a starting rider.
40KM - 300HM

Gronsveld - Gulpen - 44km - 460hm

Relatively easy gravel ride, though there are two longer climbs in them, technically easy but hard for the calves. The views make up for the sweat though.
44KM - 460HM

Strade Giallo - 55km - 480hm

Een combinatie van Zuid Limburgse gravel stroken ten zuiden van Valkenburg en de meer stoffige, gele wegen ten noorden er van.
55km - 480hm

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Gravel Baneux

Sint Geertruid – Banneux

Gast gravelaar Rob Janssen presenteert u de volgende route De rit naar het Mariabedevaarsoord Banneux vanuit Maastricht / Zuid-Limburg is een klassieker onder wielertoeristen. Naast

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